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Privacy Policy

LocalFoodWeb.org exists for your information and to encourage the growth and development of local food systems, not to gather information on our users, visitors, partners or anyone else.

In fact, we find that the less data we gather, the less trouble it is for us. We may install a basic traffic-tracking program in the future to let us know which pages are most successful, but we state categorically in this policy page that it will not be from one of the large tech companies that currently dominate the web (like a monoculture, which we tend to avoid.) No Google, Facebook or Twitter code will ever be hosted on this site.

Refusing to host big-tech code on this site will have certain drawbacks for our users. Mostly, our pages may not show up as well on these networks if you choose to share them. We realize this will lead to less sharing, but hope that the benefits of privacy for our users outweigh that disadvantage, and that this challenge puts the impetus on us to make our content worthy of sharing anyway.

As of the writing of this policy (January 5, 2020), we use no cookies on the site. We may add a simple cookie if the technology on our site requires it, but if we do, it will be noted on this page.

This is usually where we would say that you can contact us to see or delete any of your data from our servers. But since we don't collect it, we can't. Instead, if you have any questions or comments on this policy, as with any other aspect of the site, you can email us at staff@localfoodweb.org, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope our strict privacy policy adds to your enjoyment of our site. Have a great day.